roarguns × beauty : beast TEAM UP COLLECTION

roarguns × beauty : beast TEAM UP COLLECTION

roarguns × beauty : beast

Designer brand beauty: beast from Tokyo

We will be releasing a team-up collection with.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

roarguns official dealer (domestic/overseas)

beauty: beast official dealer (domestic/overseas)

beauty : beast official online store

Sunday, October 29, 2023


roarguns official online store

Started brand activities in 1991.

beauty: beast stopped its activities in 2000.

Roarguns brand started in 2002.

Designers recognize each other's brands, 

but We didn't have a chance to have a session 

due to the difference in activity period.

However, since the resumption of beauty: beast brand activities in 2020,

Soon after, the two met, and a connection that seemed inevitable.

Team up has started.

beauty: beast The graphics drawn by Mr. Yamashita are

This is Jesus weeping and holding a cross gun.

In light of the current world situation, it expressed a strong desire for peace.

The “PEACEBLINGER” graphic is

It has become an icon that symbolizes the collection.

The theme of this collection is also synonymous with Roarguns.

By inserting crystals/studs

Sublimated to luxury specifications

This adds even more persuasiveness to the item piece.

Bomber jacket/Hoodie/SS TEE

3 types and compact collection

All items are available in limited quantities.