#FR2 × roarguns

#FR2 × roarguns

#FR2 × roarguns

"We are Fxxing Rabbits"theme#FR2 collections in the world.

Capsule collection the second installment to 2020 Years, 4 months, 11 day(sat)launched in Paris.

Release date: 2020 Years, 4 months, 11 day(sat) 0:00-

【By 2020 4 October 10(Fri) 21:00 released in roarguns online store maintenance or boat.


This time by the government of emergency Declaration with the customers safety first

roarguns ONLINESTORE and#FR2 ONLINESTORE sales in the as you will.

Please note.

Products lineup#FR2 that came to be synonymous with"Smoking Kills"of the box logo

roarguns's"cross-gun"the combined design and

SWAROVSKI bold design, such as T-shirts, hoodie, towels, socks, etc for a total of 11 types.

About a year back of a collaboration and more.

Please take this opportunity to both brand new please enjoy the world.